The Enthusiasts

Hello, and welcome to the Motoring Adventures blog site. My name is Bob, and together with my wife Ruth, enjoy traveling by motorcycle and sports car. Our trips are chronicled on this site for your enjoyment and to pique your interest to visit some of the destinations and roads we have enjoyed.

I have been an avid motorcyclist since 1996, and currently ride a 2016 Honda NC700XD. Most of the moto trips you see here were ridden two-up with Ruth on our 2003 Honda ST1300. Ruth has ridden her own bike for a few years, a Suzuki TU250X.

Sports cars have been a part of my life since my teen years. Through the years, I have owned all sports cars with the exception of two or three, and they have all been my daily drivers. Currently, my daily ride is a 2003 Mazda Miata MX-5, a super fun, zippy, two seat roadster.

We hope you enjoy reading, and find some roads and destinations of interest here for your own adventures. Motorcycles, sports cars and curvy roads. Now that’s a recipe for fun!