Make America Great Britain Again?

Well, yeah. If this group had their way and enough of these works of rolling art and history were tooling around, you just might think you were in Great Britain.

A ringer! Leave it to an Italian to bring an Alfa to a Brit show.

Sexy & British. Words not usually used in the same sentence (talking cars here!). But the Jaguar E-Series, that’s a different story…………..

I could tool around my town in this MG

Here’s a couple of rare Triumphs that you don’t see on display very often even at car shows. Triumph TR4 and Triumph GT6 MK3.

Well I guess Mazda did not produce the first smiley-face sports car!

Austin Healy Bug-Eye Sprite. Now that’s cute!

Not only was I drawn to this MG by it’s beautiful flowing lines (I’m a sucker for curves), but the paint job was astounding!

This vehicle was very interesting with an interesting story. I had never seen the likes of it before.

We’ll need a lot more of these gorgeous cars on our roads to Make America feel like Great Britain Again. if you think these Brit autos are old, check out the very small Made in America contingent at this show…..

Whoa! Wooden wheels!

Why indeed!

Yes, that is a crank start, and yes, the old girl is pissing fluid all over the pavement. Poor dear.

I love coming to these shows to view automotive history. I applaud the men and women who keep these cars alive for all of us to enjoy the story of the automobile, wherever the origin.


A British Invasion of Cars, Bikes, and a Beagle

So whats with the Italians? Is this a mob movie? I thought this was a British car show. Well, it is, and The Italian Job is a part of it. But more on that later. How’s this for now?

More befitting the British Invasion. Asheville, North Carolina is host to the British Car Club of Western North Carolina’s big motoring event every October, Autumn in the Mountains British Car Show. British cars of all stripes, vintage and new, fully restored and not, descend on Asheville from all over the southeast and beyond. A mall parking lot is filled with these fantastic vehicles from Britain’s automotive and motorcycling history (see previous post). Roo and I were in heaven, and to make the day even more enjoyable, we came across another Brit car enthusiast: a beagle!

As we made our way into the plethora of British automotive excellence, Roo, Don (a Porsche driving friend), and myself were giving a Morgan the once and twice over, when Roo let out a scream; “It’s a beagle!” and took off running across the parking lot. We lost Roo. We caught up with her later (still with the beagle).

This is Ginger the beagle, and he drives in his dad’s Morgan everywhere!

I have always been drawn to British sports cars, having owned a Triumph Spitfire way back when. So whenever I see a vintage British sports car, it lights a fire in me. As a matter of fact, it was a Brit sports car that got me hooked on this automotive genre when I was 13 years old: a Jaguar XKE convertible roadster.

The car that lit my sports car fire: Jaguar XKE convertible roadster

 Triumph Spitfire 1500

So many gorgeous cars were here, it took us a few hours to negotiate them all. Granted, though, we do like to really look deeply at the cars and talk to the owners, whose stories are usually quite interesting and entertaining. Below are some of the cars we saw, in no particular grouping or order. Enjoy the gallery.

The Italian Job – Mini Cooper S

The Italian Job is a 1969 British comedy film which featured many Italian and British cars. The movie was also remade in the U.S. in 2003 with modern versions of some of the same cars used in the original film. A Lamborghini Muira, Aston Martin DB4, E-Type Jaguars, Alfa Romeo Guilia and Mini Coopers were all showcased in these movies.

The Mini Cooper S, a high performance Mini used in the films is the only Mini  privileged to wear the Italian Job badge.

Motor racing driver John Cooper persuaded the Mini’s creator Sir Alec Issigonis to let him produce a high performance Mini. Sir Alec didn’t believe it would sell. The car was an immediate success. The powerful Cooper S was a big hit, as was the film.