Leave It to a Biker to bring a Motorcycle to a Car Show

Every Fourth of July, Roo and I climb the mountain up to Brevard, North Carolina to ogle all the Classic Cars on display during the town’s Fourth of July Festival. Lo and behold, three wayward bikers and their motorbikes found their way to this car show. The bikes here were not merely transportation, but were actually registered and entered in the show and on display.


BMW R69S & R75S

Befitting the celebration of our nations birth, this biker built this beautiful custom of a bike most of us would recognize immediately:


It’ kind of like bringing a knife to a gun fight, I think. They didn’t garner that much attention from the car crowd (except from me), however, Captain America posed for quite a few pictures. Oh those zany bikers……………..

If you would like to see photos of some beautiful automobiles from this show, find them at our sister site here.