Cars & Bikes Together. An Enthusiasts Nirvana.

Motorcycles and automobiles. If you are a riding and driving enthusiast, Greenville, South Carolina is the place to be the fourth Saturday of every month, all year long.

Our Cars & Coffee draws a fairly large contingent of motorcycles. Side by side, the folks who love motorcycles and cars, such as myself, can drool all over the asphalt of this large parking lot.

So, whether you are a dual enthusiast, or your petrol desires lean in one or the other direction, enjoy these machines for what they are: rolling works of art.

If you also enjoy push pedal two wheels and follow the Tour de France bicycle race each year, this license tag needs no explanation.

It’s a Mini, Mini, Mini, Mini world

That’s a Honda CB1000 motor in all that copper looking metal

My first motorcycle: 1996 Honda Shadow VLX600 (bought new)

My first car: 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7 302 V8 4 bbl (bought used in 1972)

No matter how you look at it; that’s BADASS!

That’s a reworked Mini Cooper with a Mazda Rotary engine. Very interesting!

The old and the new…….Viva Italia!

Cars & bikes. The Italians always make a statement….. Alfa Romeo 4C

Sharp looking BSA

Lotus is upping their game and producing daily driver sports cars

Here’s a few other slides of some beautiful and interesting vehicles. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gotta Go! But very slow………. Slug Bug!



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