Make America Great Britain Again?

Well, yeah. If this group had their way and enough of these works of rolling art and history were tooling around, you just might think you were in Great Britain.

A ringer! Leave it to an Italian to bring an Alfa to a Brit show.

Sexy & British. Words not usually used in the same sentence (talking cars here!). But the Jaguar E-Series, that’s a different story…………..

I could tool around my town in this MG

Here’s a couple of rare Triumphs that you don’t see on display very often even at car shows. Triumph TR4 and Triumph GT6 MK3.

Well I guess Mazda did not produce the first smiley-face sports car!

Austin Healy Bug-Eye Sprite. Now that’s cute!

Not only was I drawn to this MG by it’s beautiful flowing lines (I’m a sucker for curves), but the paint job was astounding!

This vehicle was very interesting with an interesting story. I had never seen the likes of it before.

We’ll need a lot more of these gorgeous cars on our roads to Make America feel like Great Britain Again. if you think these Brit autos are old, check out the very small Made in America contingent at this show…..

Whoa! Wooden wheels!

Why indeed!

Yes, that is a crank start, and yes, the old girl is pissing fluid all over the pavement. Poor dear.

I love coming to these shows to view automotive history. I applaud the men and women who keep these cars alive for all of us to enjoy the story of the automobile, wherever the origin.


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