Peace, Tranquility and Twisty Tarmac in the North Georgia Mountains

What do you do when you feel like life is beating you down? For me, it’s about immersing myself in nature, and one of my favorite ways to do so is to hop on my motorbike and head to the mountains for a three day moto camping therapy session.

This trip was to the North Georgia Mountains, where I had three beautiful sun drenched days and bright, gorgeous moonlit nights. And of course, the motorcycle and sports car serpentine mountain roads that course through the National Forests here. Roads like Wolfpen Gap Road (passes to you Westerners and Euro folks) with it’s posted 10 MPH curves, Russell Scenic Byway carving up Hogpen Mountain through the National Forest, GA HWY 60, twisting through the trees testing your eyesight with constant alternating sunlight and shade. It was a perfect weekend of moto therapy.


The roads here are fantastic. My intent on this gorgeous weekend was to bag all six gaps (passes) through these mountains. It’s only about 100 miles or so, a bit more if you do some exploring. There is an actual mapped out route that has been drawn up with a title, appropriately named, The Six Gap Loop. Neels Gap, Hogpen Gap, Unicoi Gap, Wolfpen Gap, Woody’s Gap and Jack’s Gap comprise the six mountain gaps. Don’t let the low total mileage fool you, these mountain loops will have you working it and taking a nap by the time you roll back into camp.

Lunch is a pretty big deal here at Two Wheels. Folks come from miles around on two and four wheels. Food is pretty damn good too. They serve up dinner also.

Always, always, take pictures of your bike (but not too many).

Riding these mountain roads, for me, is very Zen. Mindfulness plays a key role in all my motorcycle and sports car driving, but the beauty of these mountains and the traffic free roads just draw you into that elusive sweet spot every time.

As mentioned earlier, by days end these mountain roads had me pleasantly tired. Rolling back into camp and heading for the showers, I was greeted, sort of, by my new friend, Mr. Tee.

Play with Mr. Tee for a few moments, crack open a beer, sit in my camp chair and soak in the beauty of nature in the park-like setting of the campground while waiting for the dinner chimes to sound. What a wonderful day. Therapy complete. Life is good.

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1 thought on “Peace, Tranquility and Twisty Tarmac in the North Georgia Mountains

  1. You are correct about Two Wheels of Suches. I was there today for breakfast and to check out the vintage Japanese bikes the owners were so kind to bring out on display.
    I’m fortunate to live within 20 miles of this campground and these great roads.

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