So, You Say You Like Vintage Bikes?


Me too. But not enough to own one. I like the reliability of modern bikes. I like not having to worry about breaking down on the road in the middle of God’s elbow somewhere. I like electric start, powerful brakes, ABS, traction control, ride modes, and yes, dual clutch transmissions like I have on my Honda NC700.

I don’t wax nostalgic over vintage bikes. I wasn’t riding a 1960’s triumph when I was five years old. When most of these older bikes were new and on the road, heck, I wasn’t even interested in girls yet!

But I love the design of vintage bikes, the artistry that goes into those designs. I like the historical factor, each bike showcasing the history of motorcycling through the decades. The beauty of these machines is what excites me, whether in preservation mode or fully restored.

The venue for this vintage show was Antique Bikes on Main in Chesnee, South Carolina. Enjoy the photos and wax nostalgic if you must!

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