Yes, We are Bragging and Rightfully So………

We live in a region of the US that, in my opinion, has the absolute best motorcycle and sports car roads east of the Big Muddy, if not the entire country. The Southeastern region of the US, specifically the areas of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge mountain chains, offer up the kind of roads that motorcyclists in other parts of the country would give their first child to ride. If you’ve ridden here, you know. We know. They are the best.

That’s a pretty big boast. Yes, it is. But consider this: hundreds of motorcyclists plan their “big” annual moto trip here to ride these roads that read like a motorcyclists who’s who of moto roads to ride. Because they are: The Tail of the Dragon, The Snake, The Diamondback, The Rattler, The Hellbender, The Cherohala Skyway, The Blue Ridge Parkway, The Foothills Parkway, The Back of the Dragon, The Claw of the Dragon,  The Watusi (Beatles #9 fans anyone?).

So here we are, Roo and I, taking pictures of my bike in Little Switzerland, North Carolina within spittin’ distance of the Blue Ridge Parkway, where our Moto Club puts on it’s annual weekend rally.

The host motel, The Big Lynn Lodge is situated right on one of the above mentioned roads: NC226A, The Diamondback Motorcycle & Sports Car Route is marketed by the Village of Little Switzerland just like that, and sees hundreds of motorbikes and sports cars every spring, summer, and autumn.

Look at all those squiggly lines!

You cannot go wrong riding in this area. Not only are the infamous roads mentioned above exemplary, but the unnamed, little known roads that abound are sometimes more exhilarating.

You will encounter stunning scenery like this, but keep your eyes on the road.

Oh the tangled webs we weave………….

Early AM and bikes and riders getting ready for the day as soon as the fog lifts

The lone Italian

Listening to a great rock band with an adult beverage after a tiring day of riding

There are great roads to ride most everywhere in the US. But if you are looking for a higher degree of difficulty, challenging, technical, adrenalin inducing tarmac, you would be hard pressed to find it elsewhere. Come visit. Then you will know the best.

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