Enough About My Bike. Let’s Look At…………

2017 Motorcycle Meltdown

As much as I like modern motorbikes, especially with a modicum of useful technology, and Euro styling, modern retro and vintage bikes get my heart racing. These motorcycles, to me, are works of art. I look at these bikes with an aesthetic eye first before segwaying to their performance capabilities, if at all.

And so, after picking up my NC700XD a few  Saturday mornings ago, Roo and I dropped the top on the Miata and cruised up to Hendersonville, North Carolina for the 2017 Motorcycle Meltdown Vintage bike show. This is a grass roots, laid back bike show for vintage and cafe racer bikes, the real deals, from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. A family oriented event, folks from all walks of life attend this show: Oldsters who rode & wrenched these machines “back in the day”, hipsters who are fascinated with these ancient machines and restore and build them today, women riders and enthusiasts, non-riders who just like old bikes, kids & dogs running about, and folks like me and Roo who appreciate the visual appeal and aesthetics of these motorbikes.

Here are a few slides of these wonderful works of art. Enjoy, and, if you fit the age demographic, maybe reminisce?

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3 thoughts on “Enough About My Bike. Let’s Look At…………

  1. Mmm, great photos of deeelicious bikes. I especially love the Honda 350, mainly for its chrome fender and metallic green paint job.

    I’ve got this nagging, little voice in my head that tells me I want to do something vintage–an old scoot or a rat bike, but… I’d rather spend my time riding than wrenching. (I wonder if old bikes really are that much trouble.)

    • Every time I go to a vintage bike show and see these guys putt putting around on bikes like the Honda 350, it makes me want to drop some coin on one. But I know it will just sit in the garage, maybe gathering 200 miles a year on the odo. But, I agree. That Honda 350 is sweet! Thanks for commenting!

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