The Virgin Ride

This morning, with great anticipation, like a kid on Christmas morning (didn’t get any sleep last night either), I took the NC out on a proper maiden voyage. It was a gorgeous, sunny and cool morning, which unfortunately gave way to clouds and precipitation. But I was able to get in 120 miles, and a few photos before it started pissin’ rain.

So, how was the ride? OMG sheeeiiittt! This thing is the bomb! Some adjectives: Awesome (overused), FUN, FUN, FUN, flickable, quick (power to weight ratio is superb), light, nimble, planted, did I say FUN yet?

With the transmission in automatic, I played with switching from ECO mode to Sport modes 1,2, & 3, each mode allowing the rev range to go higher before upshifting. Then switching the tranny to manual, and paddle shifting super fast up and down the gears (6 speed) without ever having to roll off the throttle between shifts! Super fun! I’ll post a more complete ride review as I get some miles on this 700cc parallel twin.

Our Miata looks happy with it’s new stablemate

In a future “quickie” post, I’ll showcase the NC’s attributes that make it truly a New Concept machine.


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