The Final Ride

Well, the trigger has been pulled on ordering my new motorbike, the Honda NC700X DCT ABS, and as I write this my Honda dealer is pulling it out of the crate (it is a brand new, zero mileage, 2016 model) and assembling it for Saturday pickup.

This past Easter Sunday morning was bittersweet. I suited up and went into the garage to roll the ST out. I sat on the door threshold and just looked at her. I couldn’t believe this was going to be our last ride together. Ten plus years and over 90,000 miles traveling together, we’d seen  lot. Lasting memories were made. I realize it’s just a machine, but as every dedicated motorcyclist knows, a bond is developed with our machines that is human like, a bond that non-motorcyclists will never understand.

As excited as I am about throwing a leg over the NC700X for the first time as owner, I don’t want to let the beaST go. But I must. And so, with emotion welling inside me, I roll the big Honda out of the garage, fire up that V4 one more time, and take her away on an old, familiar loop for the last time.

Saturday, I will have the NC700X in my garage. My ST1300 will find a new home, and Roo and I will have the memories and blog posts to look back on and reminisce. Then it will be onward to new experiences on a totally different type of motorbike with a new learning curve to master. I am excited and looking forward to it! And so, a farewell toast to Honda’s iconic ST1300, and an anticipated welcome to my new NC700X, appropriately named by Honda, the New Concept (NC). Here’s to the next ten years!

Goodbye old friend

(photo from previous post, but appropriate)


8 thoughts on “The Final Ride

  1. “I realize it’s just a machine, but as every dedicated motorcyclist knows, a bond is developed with our machines that is human like…” Boy, you said it there.

    Is there already a plan in place, a new home ready, for the ST, or does that remain to be resolved?

    I, too, look forward to reading about your upcoming adventures on the NC. May there be many for many years to come. 🙂

    • Thanks Ry. No specific home for the ST. She was one of two bikes I traded in on the NC, the other being the Suzuki TU250. But, being the genre of bike she is, I’m confident a serious motorcyclist will pick her up. At 110,000 miles, she’s barely broken in! Thanks for commenting!

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