Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock. Back & Forth We Go…………

Got a call from my Honda dealer yesterday saying he had some news about the NC700X DCT. So, today, Roo and I had errands to run. We dropped the top on the Miata as it was a absolutely gorgeous spring day in South Carolina, did our errands, then scooted over to the Honda dealer.

In a nutshell: Honda Japan cancelled the order on the 2017 NC700X bikes that were due in this month. Then, they informed dealers that they could re-order this month and expect shipment by end of May to mid-June! Jeez, that’s half the riding season. My Honda dealer said we could go that route, or, he could push the button on a 2016 model and have it here in 7 days. No brainer!

So, instead of this:

 I will be riding this:

Same exact bike, different color, arriving 2 months earlier! Even though she’s no curb appeal bike, I’m sure she’ll get plenty of attention when people realize there’s no clutch lever. My story is already made up: “Well, see, it’s a Formula One bike. You paddle shift on the left handlebar, just like Formula One race cars.” Think they’ll buy it?


3 thoughts on “Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock. Back & Forth We Go…………

  1. BUmmer about Honda dragging their behinds on the 2017 model but I would also opt for the one you can get sooner and actually have some ride time this season. Look forward to seeing how you like your new baby. I’ve had my eye on this bike for some but I have no excuse for a new one 🙂

    • Agreed. The red model is a beauty, but since I don’t buy bikes for curb appeal (but no ugly ducks either!), more time spent riding the bike made my decision for me! Thanks for commenting!

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