It’s On The Way!

Roo and I paid a visit to our Honda dealer on Saturday, dropping off the beaST to get a horn relay replaced for my Stebel Air Horn. Jason, the general manager saw us and pulled us aside. “Spoke with the boys in Japan, and two new NC700X DCT’s are shipped and on the way. They said they will arrive here in April.” Just like Honda doesn’t divulge horsepower numbers on their bikes, it seems they don’t like to be tied down to definitive shipping dates either. So, sometime in April (hopefully), this will be in our garage:

2017 Honda NC700X DCT ABS

Many of Honda’s 2017 models were delayed being shipped due to significant damage to the Honda factory in last year’s earthquake that rocked Japan. But finally, the ships are crossing the Pacific. Just waiting for the slow boat from…………Japan.


4 thoughts on “It’s On The Way!

    • Thank you! I could have had a 2016 model sooner, but the colors were the same as my ST, a nice silver. But when I saw the 2017 colors, I forced myself to wait. Thanks for commenting!

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