Practicing What I Preach: Turning to The Light Side – Finally

Great post by Paul Pitchfork here. I am still in transition to the Light Side, first with Honda’s NC700X, and now toying with dropping further to Honda’s CB500X! Stay tuned, but do read this excellent post.


20170313-Blog Moto

Back in 2014, after a year and a half riding my Tenere through South America, I wrote a blogpost entitled, “Turning to The Light Side – The Argument for Lightweight Overloading.”  After losing count of the times I had to pick up my 230kg loaded Tenere, the concept of travelling on small and lightweight machine became a mild obsession, which never went away.  I became a vocal advocate.  Finally, I am now practicing what I have so enthusiastically preached.

Moving to Mexico was the catalyst.  My Tenere is garaged in Wiltshire, UK and I am not minded to ship it once again across the Atlantic.  Furthermore, Mexico and indeed the United States a few hundred miles north offer amazing opportunities to explore on two wheels.  After briefly flirting with a long-time admiree, KTM’s 990 Adventure, I settled upon the other end of the spectrum and opted for 250cc –…

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3 thoughts on “Practicing What I Preach: Turning to The Light Side – Finally

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I recently bought a new V-Strom 1000 Adventure and it’s a great bike, particularly for me and my wife together. I have seriously been considering something way smaller as a second bike, maybe even smaller than the CB500X, maybe a CRF250l. Decisions, decisions…

    • The CRF is a great bike and a true dirt machine. I have yet to test ride the CB500X, but I have ridden a CB500F, Honda’s “upright” sport bike. The 500 is a great engine and very rev happy. Having a 250 in the stable now, I’m used to that. Thanks for commenting!

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