Two Up Once Again, Finally!

October, 2014. Natchez Trace, Mississippi. One year, eight months. That was the last time Roo & I rode two up. Many factors contributed to lack of intimate riding time with the Roo, of which knee surgery not being the least.

And now, with less than one week to go before our motorcycle trip to Vermont, in which we will be riding a unfamiliar motorbike, on unfamiliar roads, two up, we still haven’t ridden together.

Actually, we did get out for a few hours last week, but I felt so rusty and out of synch, that I’m just not counting it as a practice run.

So, here we go today, Saturday, our last shot at putting it all together, of building back my two up confidence on a big bike.

Now there’s a moto pin-up! Take that American Bagger!


Roo checking the rear sets. They haven’t been deployed in a while!


Today we head to Hendersonville, North Carolina. Open mountain roads, fast sweepers, a few tight curves, but nothing very technical, will make up the route I have chosen today. An adjustment of the suspension based on Roo’s feedback from last week, and we’re on our way.

In no time we cross into North Carolina and into Hendersonville. The ride up felt fantastic. I nailed the suspension setting. We park the ST and head to our favorite coffee cafe to discuss the final details of our upcoming Vermont trip.

Our fav coffee cafe. The Black Bear Coffee Co.


A few shots of Hendersonville, North Carolina

Our club, The Motorcycle Sport Touring Association (MSTA), is holding our annual gathering in Vermont this year. STAR (Sport Touring Association Rendezvous) will be headquartered in Stratton Mountain, Vermont. We will be flying into Burlington, and renting a motorbike from MotoVermont. Our two wheeled conveyance for touring Vermont will be a 2016 BMW R1200RT! Really looking forward to riding that luxury sport-tourer!

2016 BMW R1200RT


So, how did we do on this final shakedown ride? Hate to use this word, but, awesome! Everything fell in place! Of course, Roo being the experienced pillion she is, was a great help. We were definitely as one. A true two-up confidence boost for me before our trip.                                                                                                                                                                      We’ll be gathering lots of moto content for this blog while  we’re stylin’ in Vermont on a BMW! Ride safe, y’all.



2 thoughts on “Two Up Once Again, Finally!

  1. Good to read that the two of you are out together again, excellent news!
    I hope the Vermont trip goes well. I’m sure you’ll let us know what you think of the R1200RT, I’ll be comparing notes, I’ve ridden the police spec version quite a lot so your feedback will be interesting.
    Ride safe, Dookes.

    • Thanks HD. It won’t be a real high tech review, as I am an experiential kind of guy. But lots of comparo’s to other sport-tourers I have ridden, including my beloved ST.

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