The Dark Side

My wife says I am a Luddite. That may be partially true. I’m not opposed to technology, I only embrace what is useful to me. I don’t latch on to the latest bells and whistles (like Pavlov’s dogs) just because it is made available. Hence, I don’t own a smart (?) phone, I don’t Facebook, tweet, twit, Skype, snap-chat, or own an I-pad. I have no need for those in my daily life. Some of the farkles I see on motorcyclists bikes, as well as what bikes come equipped with from the factories today, would leave me frozen in the saddle: you know, paralysis analysis.

However, I do own, and make frequent use of, my laptop and all it is capable of. This piece of technology is very useful to me. I use it to access the internet and all that is available there, to write this blog, and to conduct my business.

But this winter, I ventured to the Dark Side. My 2016 moto event planning includes taking part in a few checkpoint rallies, and I soon realized that I was going to need a new piece of technology: a GPS unit.

The ST’s new toy


I’ve participated in a couple of rallies before (great fun!), but it was always with a riding buddy who had a GPS. I’m a map guy, but you can’t do these rallies with just a map. So, you see, it’s not really the Dark Side because this technology is useful to what I do.

And so, I took the beaST for a ride today with our new toy on board, programmed to direct us to an unfamiliar stop a few towns south of home, to see if it would get us there or get us lost. This is where we correctly ended up.

Nostalgic Station, Laurens, South Carolina

 The unit I bought is a Garmin Nuvii 55, a simple, bare bones unit. It is not bluetooth capable, nor am I. I was pleased to learn that turning the volume to maximum actually allowed me to hear the spoken turn by turn directions, even while wearing ear plugs and helmet. The only time I could not hear Nuvii’s voice clearly was at highway speeds, but I heard something, which prompted me to glance at the screen.

I am very happy with this unit, and recommend it to anyone who wants a GPS unit for their bike, but doesn’t want to drop five or six large for a motorcycle specific unit. The ST is officially farkled!


5 thoughts on “The Dark Side

  1. I’m right with you, maps and a photographic memory for me!
    I love my Harley Ultra Limited for many reasons, but for me the Satnav is just a nice little add-on toy that is very useful to find the nearest gas station or restaurant on odd occasions!😎

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