The Little Suzuki gets a BIG boost!


The Cafe TU is now more of a blast to ride than ever before, due to two relatively minor mods: new shoes and a front sprocket change.

First up was getting rid of the stock Chen Shin tires and replacing them with Shinko 712’s, one size up from stock. The improvement in the TU’s handling prowess was unbelievable! The grip on the tarmac along with the increased contact patch with these tires now allows a much greater lean angle, which of course means……… more fun!

Next, a change to the front sprocket was in order. The TU came stock with a 15 tooth sprocket. First gear was similar to that on a tractor trailer rig: you’re in, you’re out. Boom, boom. Rolling off the throttle in any gear resulted in “mechanical bull syndrome.” Yeehaw!

Switching to a 16 tooth sprocket makes her run smooth as silk. First gear is actually, a true first gear. No more Midnight Cowboy rides when rolling off the throttle, just a nice bit of engine braking (not much though, she is just a one lunger). She can cruise all day easily at 50 MPH in fourth gear, and fifth has now essentially become overdrive. Happy days! So much fun while staying within the speed limits!

On another note……………….


The big Honda ST1300 is in the shop getting fitted for a new rear shock, which really should have been done about, oh, 40,000 miles ago. Better late than never. I am so looking forward to the enhanced ride and the rear tire making more contact with the road! Small pleasures excite me.

This coming weekend is the first ride of the season on the beaST. It will also be a milestone ride….. the big Honda’s odo will turn 100,000 miles! She will finally be broken in! Now we can really start piling on the miles! Travel plans are in the works for the entire year, and the ST will take us on new and exciting journey’s. Stay tuned!


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