Hilton Head Motoring Festival & Concours d’Elegance Part 3



Port Royal Golf Club, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


Day 2

Damn. We missed the aero exhibit. My bad. I read the itinerary wrong and thought the vintage aircraft exhibit was being shown both Saturday and Sunday. Not. Saturday only. But, it makes a great excuse to return here next year (like we need a viable excuse).

A beautiful Sunday morning. Over the course of yesterday afternoon and early evening, all the cars and bikes were slowly rolled off the greens and fairways of the golf course, to be replaced with a whole new armada of rolling eye candy! So here we are back at Port Royal, viewing gorgeous metallic art in the bright sunshine. Man, I could do this every day for a week!

An Elvis inspired pink Thunderbird?


This Cobra turned a lot of heads and drew quite the crowd

I could tool around town in this………………..


This car should need no introduction, but since this is an international moto blogsite, I will. This car epitomizes the romantic era of American road tripping. Get your kicks on Route 66. See the USA in a Chevrolet. Me and Roo in front, beagles lounging in back. This is a stunning example of one of the most recognizable American cars ever produced……..

1957 Chevrolet Belair                

Uh. Oh. Walking along the Motoring Midway, Roo says “It’s soooo cute and nerdy!” and takes off running to add another bucket list car to her……….list.

1961 BMW 700 Cabriolet

Want to see what the future of performance looks like? Wait no longer, it’s here now. Just be prepared to cough up big $$$.

2015 BMW i8 Hybrid (electric/gas)

0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds!


Now, this is cute too!


 266There were many sports cars of American design and production here, but the one that drew the most attention, is most associated with American Sports Car production, and elicited the most “ooohs and aaaahhs” from the crowd were these Chevrolet Corvettes.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As we continued along the Motoring Midway, we could see in the distance a gaggle of folks around a bunch of motorcycles. Not ones to “shop ahead”, as well as not wanting to miss anything, we continued enjoying the automobiles as we made our way toward the bikes. This group of bikes were grouped as a historical timeline, with the first group dating from ?? to 1953.




This is the same marque (but not the same bike) that Robert Fulton rode ’round the world on in 1932, chronicled in his book “One Man Caravan.” A great read by the by.



How Roo helped a vintage BMW R51 win Best in Category

And so, here we are admiring this 1939 BMW R51, when the owner of this impeccably restored machine comes up next to us and asks, “you know what this bike needs?” I replied, “no sir, it sure looks perfectly restored to me.” He says, “it needs a beautiful woman to make it perfect”, and with that, he escorted my wife to the bike and had her sit on it.

Mind you now, while this was going on, and I was snapping photos, the judges were behind us waiting patiently to judge this very motorcycle. As Roo dismounted, the judges took about 60 seconds to judge the bike and awarded it Best in Category! We like to think it was the beautiful woman that put this motorbike over the top. Who’s to say it wasn’t?


Next post: Day 2 (continued): Motorcycle Class 1954 to 1973; Motorcycle Preservation Class; Ahh, the Italians…more Ferrari and Maserati; Shelby Mustangs; Judgement Day 2015 Concours d’Elegance finalists.


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