Getting a Quickie in Little Switzerland, North Carolina

006Quickies can be fun. They can be exhilarating. And they can be satisfying. Now before your thoughts go flying in the wrong direction, let me elaborate.

Our moto club, the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association (MSTA), holds an annual gathering in Little Switzerland, North Carolina with moto central being the Big Lynn Lodge, right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Last year I failed to make this years lodge reservations, and thus failed to get us a room.

Thursday AM, the first day of the gathering, our phone rings. On the other end is our friend from Virginia and fellow club member, Barbara, telling us that a room has opened up and instructing us to book it NOW! Taking direction well (she has a theater background), Roo booked it for Saturday night, and we were on our  way to enjoy a quickie!

Roo, still recovering from knee surgery, drove her car, lovingly named the “nerdmobile” (Roo is a little nerdy), while the beaST and I danced our way up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Little Switzerland. We arrived just as other club members were returning from the days ride.  Let the party begin!

The beaST and the “Nerdmobile”


Our accomodations. Nothing to look at on the outside – luxurious on the inside!

002The view from our balcony

018 The Big Lynn Lodge


The Big Lynn Lodge has a unique setup, in that the room price includes a sit down full breakfast and dinner. It is an old mom & pop mountain lodge, bordered on one side by the Blue Ridge Parkway, and on the other by this:


It also sits right on NC 226A, another named, curvaceous motorcycle road: The Diamondback Motorcycle and Sports Car Route.


Motorcycle Sport Touring Association, an AMA chartered club, put on the event


Anybody wanna dance?


Our event director, Dave (right) with Roo helping with registration


Our gang (L-R); Jim, Barbara, Tree (yes), Rick & Roo


The MSTA is a national club with state chapters. We have events all over the country with a national gathering in June every year alternating east coast, central and west coast locations. At this event we had members from Ohio, Virginia and even Florida come over to ride the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.

Dave officiating the door prizes


Our buddy, Barbara snags a ballcap. She rides a new Yamaha FJ-09 and loves it!


Roo scored a ball cap and a Butler Map of the Southern Appalachians!


Roo loves her elder statesmen motorcycle riders, with a special affinity for two of them who show up here every year:

Roo gets a shot with Doug, route planner extraordinaire. Roo says he’s cute as a bugs ear.


Roo gives her other elder heart throb, Syd, a cheek smacker. Syd is the  quintessential Virginia gentleman. Post ride, Syd is never without a libation in hand. 


The Roo sammich. Look close enough and you’ll see the classic Roo blush!


A late night of re-connecting with friends and connecting with multiple glasses of wine made for a bit fuzzy wake up on Sunday. Nothing a few cups of coffee and a high protein breakfast couldn’t take care of. After the delayed, then delayed again goodbyes, everyone was geared up, and with the sound of motorbikes permeating the beautiful mountain air, bikes and their riders were going in multiple directions towards home.

Roo got in the “nerdmobile” and headed home. Me and my ST headed out and took NC226 down the mountain. I laughed  inside my helmet as I came upon the familiar warning signs just as this road takes a sharp downward dip and the twisty parts begin. Nowhere else in these mountains have I seen signs reading like this:

No safe place to pull over and shoot a photo, so I pulled this photo off the web. Makes me smile every time. Let’s play!


A mere 24 hours felt like we were away for three days. Being with the right people, in the right place, at the right time can do that. Was this quickie fun? Absolutely! Was it exhilarating? You bet! Was it satisfying? Oh yeah, baby. With respect to Mick Jaggers plight, we got  loads of satisfaction on this mini trip!

Contacts & information:

The Motorcycle Sport Touring Association

Big Lynn Lodge

Diamondback Motorcycle & Sports Car Route


2 thoughts on “Getting a Quickie in Little Switzerland, North Carolina

  1. This one is my favorite to date! So glad you guys were able to be spur of the moment and join us for a quickie! Love to the both of you! Barbara

    • If not for you, no quickie for us! It was awesome seeing you guys again and waiting another year is just not acceptable. Looking at a possible campout at Willville over Labor Day. Have to juggle some things first. You guys going to be around then?

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