Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show


The minute I awoke, the rain started coming down. I don my trail running gear and head out for a 1.5 hour mountain trail run at our Paris Mountain State Park. I love it. Wet, muddy, creek crossings and slippery trails, it sounds like a off-road moto ride! Nope. I’m on foot.

Ninety minutes later I’m driving back home. Legs are toast. What a great run. Now its time to get my moto mind in gear for the ride up to North Carolina for the Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show. Because my legs are uber tired, I don’t dare try to maneuver 740 lbs. of beaST around twisty mountain roads. So the plan was to take the Cafe TU to a vintage and Cafe racer bike show. Perfect! Except it’s still raining. The little Suzuki is not a rain bike. So it’s in the car up to Hendersonville, NC, a beautiful little mountain town that we frequent quite often.

Old bikers, young bikers, non-bikers and hipsters.

A couple of years ago I went to another vintage bike show with a riding buddy not far from our hometown. Bikes On Main is what they called it. It scared the shit out of me. First, we were the only two motorcyclists riding sport-tourers. Second, we were the only two motorcyclists wearing protective gear. Third, we were the only two motorcyclists who were NOT one-percenters. We sucked it up and walked around looking at some bikes. It was mostly a club gathering. Everyone was wearing their colors. Everyone looked tough. The women looked tough. These were not weekend posers wearing new leather and day old beard stubble. I really think these folks were the real thing. We got out of there right quick.

By contrast, the Meltdown show was a breath of fresh air! The bikes were awesome (as you will see below)! Standards and Cafe racers dominated the tarmac. But, the people in attendance was what made me smile. Old bikers, who rode these vintage bikes when they were young, were looking for anyone who would listen to them talk about their pride and joy. Young bikers, who seem to really dig the cafe scene and the bikes that go with it. The non-riders were plentiful. This was a family gathering. They were there to look at antique bikes and have something to do on a Saturday afternoon while their kids went ga-ga over the bikes. And the hipsters. These guys and gals in their mid to late 20’s love the cafe lifestyle. Some there had restored their own bikes and ride them daily. Others were there because, hey, these bikes are cool! How cool? See for yourself!

Old, young, and hjpsters were all here!

Old, young, and hjpsters were all here!


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The rain lessened as I got closer to town, and finally cleared while at the show. More bikes probably would have been on display but for the weather forecast. All in all, it was a small, but well attended event for the vintage and cafe enthusiast!


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