Mountains to the Sea: Backroads Boogie around the Palmetto State – South Carolina Railroad Museum

SC Flag

Trains, planes and automobiles. Oh, and motorbikes. To be specific, Roo and I love steam locomotives and their period rolling stock, vintage WWII and older airplanes, classic cars and, of course, motorbikes of any age, size or country of origin (with a bias towards the boot shaped country).

So, on a beautifully warm, albeit overcast day, I decided to let the beaST stretch out her legs with a 200 + mile round trip to the Midlands of South Carolina. My destination is Winnsboro, South Carolina, a town I was unfamiliar with, to The South Carolina Railroad Museum, a place I was equally unfamiliar with.


As a requisite for this tour, I took the beautiful back country roads from the Upstate to the Midlands, passing through the beautiful Sumter National Forest.


No traffic to speak of, traveling the roads through Sumter is what the big Honda was made for: open road and sweeping curves. It felt like she was on auto pilot, adjusting the tempo as she saw fit, while I sat back and enjoyed the scenery.

The beautiful Broad River cuts a broad north/south swath right through the center of South Carolina


After a wonderfully spirited 100 mile ride through the South Carolina countryside, I arrived at my destination. I didn’t know what to expect, so I had no expectations, and thus, could not be disappointed or surprised.


The museum is small and consists of two locomotives, some rolling stock, and a few outbuildings that house historical railroad items pertaining to the above rail line that ran through here. The museum was closed, it being Sunday, which I knew from their website. They do train excursions on Saturdays along a portion of the old railbed which has been restored.

The main locomotive



Rolling stock


A great day on the road, piloting the ST and seeking out new roads and new places. South Carolina Rairoad Museum can be found here.


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