C’est Fini


Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

Days 9 & 10: October 12 & 13                                                                                                                                                                                                   

It is finished. We have two days left on the bike, but we are now riding through familiar territory on our way back home to South Carolina. Our first day, still in Birmingham, we awoke to beautiful sunshine. By the time we had breakfast, packed the bike, and geared up, it was pouring rain. We waited it out a few hours and let the storm get by us, then got on the road and stayed behind it all the way to Alpharetta, Georgia, our overnight stop.

Next morning, we were greeted by wind, gray skies, light rain, and Monday morning rush hour traffic. Thankfully, most of it was headed south, towards Atlanta. We were heading north. Within twenty minutes we were cruising the backroads of North Georgia and soon crossed over the South Carolina state line. Home was now a mere 110 miles away.

This trip marked a departure from how we usually travel by motorbike. On trips past, we would travel to a certain area and set up basecamp, then ride different routes each day, returning to the same hotel/campsite each night. This trip, we traveled to a different destination every day. Actually traveling, and making forward progress each day, was exciting. Staying overnight in a different locale and meeting new people was wonderful. We were hooked. As we traveled home, we wanted to keep going. “Where to now?” we asked each other. But the beagles knew our time frame and were expecting us.

Arriving home, Roo jumped in the car and took off to pick up the beagles from the kennel, while I unloaded and stowed the gear. After washing the beaST, I affixed the Certificate of Completion shown in the pic above, then just sat in the garage smiling at the big Honda and reminiscing while waiting to be pounced on by the beagles.

Trip Stats: Bike: 2003 Honda st1300….. Days traveled: 10, including layovers…. Total miles: 1750…..States traveled through: South Carolina (twice); North Carolina; Tennessee; Alabama (twice); Mississippi, Georgia.

Winter now being here and the ST in hibernation, it’s time to embark on some motorbike projects. The big Honda is getting a new rear shock, finally after 11 years. I’m researching at the moment, but leaning towards Ohlins. She will also get a wee bit of cosmetic beauties and a pair of pannier liners.

I am currently in the process of working on what I call the Cafe Project. The little Suzuki is undergoing a transformation to a Cafe “racer” (I use the term loosely) over the winter. I will periodically post updates on her new look, with a full expose when she is finished here, and to her adoring fans on the TU250 forum site.

Below are a few slides summing up the trip with some pics not seen in previous posts. Pics are numbered in the chronological order (1-14) of our trip.

 Until next time, ride safe and stay vertical.


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