Two Up on The Trace: Shifting Gears on the Road to Barber


Day 6 & 7: Shifting Gears

We took two days to travel to Birmingham. Although only about 400 miles, when I first planned this trip, I wasn’t sure Roo would be able to make that distance in one day. Of course, I was proven wrong on day one, having to do 400 miles from home to Nashville, TN due to a weather delayed start.

We kept it as planned, as this was a transition time for us where we had to mentally switch gears. Spending the last five days travelling down the peaceful and beautiful ribbon of asphalt that is the Natchez Trace Parkway, immersed in it’s history and natural beauty, then two days in the quaint city of Natchez overlooking the majestic and powerful Mississippi River, was to be a stark contrast to what we would experience next. It was time to push southern culture, human history, and natural beauty to the backs of our minds, and prepare for the visceral experiences of the sound of screaming motorcycle engines, the smell of petrol, and the thrill of vintage motorcycle racing on a premier road course. Oh, and how about one of the largest vintage motorcycle museums in the world showcasing over 800 vintage motorbikes? All this in a beautiful park setting that seems very Disney-esque. Barber Motorsports Park is our destination for the Vintage Festival Weekend, and we are getting stoked with each mile passing under the ST’s wheels!



Next Post: Two Up on the Trace: Vintage Bikes; Road Racing Through Time; How Many Vincents?



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