Southern States Tour – Shakedown Ride – 2 weeks and Counting

Beauty & The beaST

Beauty & The beaST

A beautiful day dawned here in the Upcountry of South Carolina. Having just got the ST back from the shop last week, it was a perfect day for a shakedown ride, two weeks out from our road trip.

Our Honda dealer changed the oil, topped off all fluids, checked brakes, and installed a Michelin Pilot Road 3 rear tire. We also were checking out the new helmet locks we bought specifically for this trip.



These locks worked great, and will give us more peace of mind when leaving the bike and gear while sightseeing. The locks also came with a coiled steel lanyard so you can secure other gear onto these locks as well. The only negative was that the protective rubber coating marred the paint. A little polishing compound followed by the application of clear duct tape where the lock makes contact took care of the problem.


Don’t forget your combination!

We decided on a lunch date to Lake Lure, North Carolina. Taking the long way so I could really scruff in the new tires and get a feel for how they perform. I was not disappointed. The ST was shod with Pilot Road 2’s, and these PR 3’s are a big step forward. I know Michelin now has the Pilot Road 4 out, but I got these at a good discount.

Roo and I haven’t done much two up riding this summer, so I needed a few rides with her to feel comfortable and confident again with her on board. We rode in all the riding environments we expect to encounter on our trip: sweeping backroads, twisty mountain roads, straight as-an-arrow roads, interstates, heavy city traffic, slow poke vacationers, RV’s, farm tractors on rural roads, etc. We hit just about all of it in just under 200 miles today. The beaST performed with aplomb, and we felt great!

Three quarters of the way into our ride and we were famished! Arriving in Lake Lure, we usually eat at Larkins on the Lake which is situated, umm …………, right on the lake.

After a great late lunch, it was time to head back home. A great day on the bike. The beaST is ready, we are ready, and the clock is ticking with two weeks to go!

PS: Check out our new page: “The Beagles.


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