Murder on the Mountain – Part 2

A Gaslight Murder Motorcycle Adventure

Morning in the mountains

Morning in the mountains

Saturday morning was scrumptious. The cool mountain air warranted the wearing of a light jacket; we were awake and aware even before the first cup 0′ joe. The morning view from the lodge was beautiful (photo).

During breakfast, club members chatted with each other and decided what route to take on the many fabulous roads here. The Motorcycle Sport Touring Association (MSTA), is different from other clubs in that we don’t ride together in a group. Members ride with others or alone, make up their own routes or ride routes that are provided. We may meet up for lunch or just pass each other on the road. But we always gather together at home base in the evening after the days ride and share our experiences on the road.

The Ride to Murder Mountain

After breakfast, everyone started prepping for the days ride. The sound of many motorcycle engines firing up one after another is very visceral. Gives me goose bumps and smiles every time. Roo & I gear up and jump on the beaST. Kicking over the big V4 had us rarin’ to go. Pulling out of the Big Lynn parking lot, we head for the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our first stop on our Murder Mountain Adventure has nothing to do with this murder mystery. Quite the opposite, it is a meditative bonding with nature.

Crabtree Falls


Just 8 miles south on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we roll into the Crabtree Falls trailhead parking area for a 3 mile roundtrip hike to view the beautiful Crabtree Falls. Three miles is no biggy for these two trail runners, but you never know what a trail will surprise you with, and, mind you, we were in full riding gear. So, stowing our jackets and helmets on the ST, off we went.

The trail was fantastic! I said to Roo, ” Wouldn’t this make a great trail run?”



We soon came to the first of three stairclimbs. ” Man, this would be awesome to tear up!” Roo’s response: “I don’t like up.”



My dreams of returning here with trail running gear were tempered when the trail took a decidedly very, very, technical turn to this:


And it got worse for the next 3/4 mile to the falls. Thankfully, we had touring boots on, which made the going much easier. For those riders wearing motocross boots, stay away, unless carrying a change of footwear.

Soon, we could hear the falls, and before long we could see the majestic beauty of the rushing water through the trees:


 The beauty of nature by way of Crabtree Falls, a slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hiking back to the trailhead was a bit more arduous. Temps were rising, and oddly enough, the trail had us hiking down to the falls, and now we had to ascend the whole way back. In moto gear. Ah, the hardships of the touring motorcyclist.

Back on the ST, we motored southbound on the BRP. NC 80 north is our get off point, the road that takes us to Murder Mountain!

The road to Kona

The road to Kona

Next post: Murder on the Mountain Part 3: The Road to Kona (not Hawaii).


2 thoughts on “Murder on the Mountain – Part 2

  1. Hey Mike,
    This is a beautiful place. Right on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. You might think about crossing over the Big Muddy and doing a trip end to end on the BRP. It’s a must do for motorcyclists.

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