A Cager for a Day


This sure doesn't look like a motorbike, but the owner may well be a biker!

This sure doesn’t look like a motorbike, but the owner may well be a biker!

Independence Day, USA 2014

I really dislike the “C” word. It is demeaning and vulgar, especially with a choice explative preceding it, as in when some bonehead cuts in front of your motorbike while looking directly at you. F@#%&ing cager!

But the real reason I dislike hearing or reading it is because the vast majority of motorcyclists who use it are cagers themselves. Right? How many of us have only a motorcycle to use for transportation  and never set our arses in the driver’s seat of a car? Not many I would guess. No one I know. Not me. So, we are cagers or we are hypocrites. Which brings me to the point of this post: I was a cager on a beautiful motorcycling day! Why use “cager” after the above rant? Well, it’s a motorcycling term used by motorcyclists, and besides, it sounds more catchy than………….. “motorist.”

July 4 dawned cool and beautiful. Hurricane Arthur did the Upstate of South Carolina and Western North Carolina a huge favor: he dropped temps to the 70’s and sucked the humidity right out of the air. A perfect day for Roo and I to get on the ST and ride up to Brevard, North Carolina for the annual Fourth of July classic car show. But the ride was not to be. Roo woke up with the dreaded “have I told you how much I hate being a girl?” blues. So we squeezed into my little Saturn Sport Coupe; Mr. and Mrs. Cager. It was hard seeing all those motorbikes on the road while sitting in a car. But we had fun with the little Saturn on those twisty mountain roads. She may not lean, but she hugs the road like she’s on a monorail.

Arriving in the beautiful mountain town of Brevard, North Carolina, I parked the car and we immediately made our way to the classic car show. We love old automobiles for their aesthetic beauty. Like motorcycles, they are works of art, restored or not. This show is one of the largest in the southeast, and we spend hours drooling over these beautiful cars, like kids in a candy store. The pics below highlight some of the eye-candy we saw. If you are not into cars, scroll to the bottom of the post for photos of the two motorbikes we came across.

Something old is new again, or, there’s nothing new under the sun. Think convertible hardtops are a 21st century phenom on BMW’s? Uh, uh.

1959 Sunliner

1959 Sunliner

Cool, huh?

Old Corvettes intrigue me. They are sleek, sexy, and just exude cool. (click on any image to enlarge & scroll).

This guy took his Fourth of July celebration to another level:


Chevrolet’s Belair line: Changing the face of the American road.

I love the Belair’s. Chevrolet’s iconic upgrade to the Chevy 2 door sedan changed the American driving public’s perception of travel by automobile. Chevy’s ” See the USA in a Chevrolet” media campaign featured the beautiful 1957 Belair, the car that put cross country travel in the public’s mind and had them taking to the roads in droves. The ’57 is what everyone visualizes when they hear Chevrolt Belair. A few years later, in the early 1960’s, Honda motorcycle took a cue from Chevrolet’s ad and came out with their own “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” campaign. It’s true, you know. The rest is history.


1957 Chevrolet Belair

1956 Chevrolet Belair

The Belair line of the 50’s was really only offered for three or four years. The upgrade was made available with the 1955 model year. In 1956, a few changes were made, nothing drastic. Then, of course, the dramatic change to the 1957 model year, adding tons of chrome, rubber bumper guards, engine upgrades, and, of course, those tell-tale rear fins.

But I have a special affinity for the 1956 Belair. It was a beautiful automobile in it’s own rite, but 1956 was also my birth year, and so, I still long to have one in my garage. Because the 1956 was sandwiched between two model years, with the ’57 overshadowing it’s predecessors, you don’t get to see one in every show (57’s are everywhere). But today, at this show, not one, not two, but three 1956 Chevy Belairs were on display! I was in heaven!  Check ’em out: (click on any image to enlarge and scroll).

The Belair line also included a beautiful station wagon (anyone remember those?): The Chevy Belair Nomad:


Can’t you see a surfboard on top…………………… (that’s Roo figuring out how to get this thing home)………….


Beagles in the back………………..


and Mr. & Mrs. Cager enjoying this beautiful interior. Give me any of the above Belairs, and I’ll be a cager with no problem!


A beautiful automobile.

Everything else was anti-climatic. Well, no. Not really. Here is a slide show of some (not all) of the other cars we drooled over:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, the motorcycles: (click on image to enlarge & scroll)

We had a great time on four wheels. Beautiful weather, beautiful cars. Tomorrow, back on the bike………………as a motorcyclist.




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